Why keto diet is best for weight loss?

Keto diet very low carbohydrate diet with high fats. And lean protein includes in your diet. The term ketogenic means you are forced your body to make ketones. While it takes 1 week to get …

Keto diet very low carbohydrate diet with high fats. And lean protein includes in your diet. The term ketogenic means you are forced your body to make ketones. While it takes 1 week to get your body into ketones state. Take months your body fully gets into the ketones state. 

Now the question of how your body makes these hormones. You make ketones hormone when you dramatically replace the carbs with fats. Slowly your body and blood glucose start using fats as ketones.

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Ketones bodies made up of three water-soluble. 

  • Acetoacetate
  • Betyhydroxybuytrate
  • And the breakdown of acetone

Normally your body converted carbohydrates into glucose in the form of energy. and then fuel your brain and body as a source of energy. However, if you consume very little carbohydrates in your diet. the liver converts fats into fatty acids and makes ketones bodies.

Percentage of carbohydrates protein fats while on the ketogenic diet plan:


  • Carbohydrates-5-8%
  • Protein-20%
  • Fats-70%

Ketones Diet Review and Side Effects:

Keto diet is not for everyone .it is prescribed by the doctor for diabetic patients with type-2 diabetes and type 1 diabetic people conditions. the ketogenic diet you force your body to burn fat which produces an energy source called ketones.

The ketogenic diet must have a proper distribution of protein carbohydrates and fats .but in today’s supplement companies launch keto supplements like os keto,pruvit keto os supplements. Results are unknown and no ketones level research and reviews there for these supplements.

Side effects of keto diet supplements are unknown depend on person to person so always consult your healthcare professionals before taking any keto supplements and keto diet or os keto dietary supplement.

Other side effects of the keto diet are like feeling thirsty and frequent urination, headache and sweating, feeling confusion and increased anxiety levels and stress and depression.

  • 20 % protein level
  • 70 % of fat levels
  • 5 % carbohydrates


Benefits of Ketogenic Diet (Ketones Diet Plan)


Studies show that the Ketogenic diet is an effective and entirely different approach through which you can lose weight and improve your health. You may benefit from many health issues like diabetes, cancer, obesity, epilepsy as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

By using this diet, you can lose weight and lower risk factors for diseases that are caused due to increased weight. One of the most interesting keto diet weight loss results is that through it you can lose weight without relying on counting your calories or tracking your food by limiting portion sizes or requiring extreme exercise.


List of some keto diet foods benefits:


  • Fast weight loss results if the nutrition is proper
  • Lower blood glucose levels
  • Improving mental performance in diabetic patients
  • Keto diet help reduced blood pressure
  • Ketones diet help to reduce your bad cholesterol levels like LDL
  • Keto Diet help to increase your HDL levels good cholesterol
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My final words:

In my opinion keto diet is best for weight loss until you don’t have any medical conditions and doing for a short term to get quick results with weight loss, although is best that in starting you must start your journey with low carbs diet instead of directly go to the keto diet ,generally people follow keto diet when they do not get more results with lo carbs diet and taking less than total energy expenditure.
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