No pain no gain-why you stopped gain weight

So, you have been going to the gym, lifting heavy stuff, working out like crazy, and even after weeks of training and frustration, you are not able to gain the desired weight count and mass. …

No pain no gain-why you stopped gain weight

So, you have been going to the gym, lifting heavy stuff, working out like crazy, and even after weeks of training and frustration, you are not able to gain the desired weight count and mass. Well, motivation will creep out, and the workout routine will be sabotaged, impacting the results. In some cases, people even give up futile attempts to get in shape.

Topped with the gain weight routine and the best nitric oxide supplement you thought that the results would be optimized. However, gym freaks tend to hit the plateau that negatively impacts the weight gain process and gain weight journey, overall. With this being said, we want to help you to gain weight.

So, in this article, we are sharing some top reasons why you have stopped gaining weight. Let’s see!

There Is No Strength


When you first start the gain weight routine, watching the weight values increase on the weight scale every week is the most satisfying feeling. However, this is the initial gain (wouldn’t be wrong to call it newbie gain) that tends to wane out. Some people even stop gaining strength and focus solely on the latest protocols that are nothing but instances of wheel spinning. 

No pain no gain- why you stopped gain weight


Well, if you have hit the dark spot in the workout plan to gain weight, you need to start focusing on the physique development. But again, this shouldn’t be implemented until you have gained enough strength. The exercises must align with personal mechanics, covered over the rep ranges. With this being said, the average training to lose fat and gain weight covers the following steps:

  • For upper body push, switch to the military press, dumbbell incline press, and the dips 
  • For quad dominant, switch to leg press, front squats, and walking lunges 
  • For upper body pull, switch to dumbbell row, bent-over rows, and the chin-ups
  • For the posterior chain, switch to lying leg curl, Romanian deadlifts, and the hip thrusts

Consequently, keep testing the rep maxes and train hard with progressive lifts. It’s suggested to keep the apt form; the people must focus on hypertrophy pyramids and the progressions. 

No Muscle Feeling 


Every slim person has googled up “how to gain weight?”, but this is not such a straightforward process. That’s to say because you need to gain weight healthy and the eating plan to gain weight to achieve the highest level of strength and feel the muscles. One thing is for sure; this is not about powerlifting; instead, it’s the bodybuilding where there is a constant need for consistent tension in the muscle’s belly. 

One way to gain weight is by pushing the muscles to participate in hardcore muscle work. That’s to say because to gain weight naturally rather than using the weight gain products; you have got to increase muscle tension.

You need to optimize the subtle combination of tension, form, and execution so you not only increase the weight but reduce the time as well. 

Inadequate Eating 


Sure, you need to exercise to gain weight but eating enough is critically essential. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that exercise will still be the easy part because gulping down more than 5,000 calories is the most challenging hurdle to jump through. So, if you are not eating enough, you will struggle with building muscles. 

For instance, you need to consume around 18 kcals to gain one-pound bodyweight. Given this eating routine, the bodyweight will start increasing within ten to fourteen days. In this case, you need to consider the following guidelines;

  • Consume at least 1.2g of proteins according to one-pound of bodyweight that you need to achieve 
  • 20% to 30% calories should be consumed through fats 
  • Consume the additional calories through carbs 

For instance, if you weigh 175 pounds, the three guidelines mentioned above will optimize 2800 calories while optimizing the right proportion of carbs, fat, and proteins.

These guidelines are enough to increase the weight if you opt for hardcore training four days a week. The tipping point is that consistency of eating high calories will induce muscle growth. 


Healhy food for weight gain


Within some time, the appetite will become the limiting factor, which is the prime reason that people fail to gain weight even after eating loads. In such cases, optimizing the right combination of liquid meals and calorie-dense food is the right choice. With this being said, you should eat butter blends, integration of olive oil in food, and protein shakes, along with whey and oats. 

Extreme Weight Conditions 


Be it too lean or too fat, both weight conditions can be a direct influence on stopped muscle gains. Well, it tends to happen even when you are conducting the right exercise, and following the proper eating routine, the body fat percentage matters a great deal. It is critical to understand because everyone has a sweet spot where optimal weight growth initiates and retains. 

On average, the body fat range is about 8% to 15%. For the people who want to gain muscle while retaining to 6% body fat rate, all you need to do is eat more. For obese people, you need to think about hormones, digestion, insulin sensitivity, and inflammatory issues. Well, these factors are when added up with calorie intake, the fat gain will be initiated. 

Couple training for muscles gain

During this weight gain journey, the bodies become receptive to gain fat, and at this point, you should try gaining the lean muscles. This choice will be appropriate because the body will become prone to growth and will eventually offer space for growth.

On the other hand, if you have 15% body fat, starting the eight to the ten-week diet will get you in shape before hitting the gym for muscle growth. 

For the people who aren’t aware of the fat ratio, the signs such as hurting joints, improper gym pumps, and shot appetite help devise the results. In this case, it is better that you adopt the mini diet because it trims out the excess fat, enhances the appetite, and gives a much-needed break to the digestive system. 



One might think that building muscle is a bed of roses, but in reality, it is a tedious marathon. With this being said, the journey might become frustrating, which makes everyone lose patience. In such situations, ADD is a high choice. In this instance, you might be compromising the consistency through social media and comparisons. In this case, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Choose one program 
  • Follow it for around 16 weeks
  • Eat your surplus consistently 

Wrong Food & Routine 


Okay, you need to consume calories and follow the good workout routine, but if you are still stuck, you need to eat the right food. That’s to say because some food options can restrict the potential of gaining muscle weight and the development of lean muscle.

If you want to design a suitable diet, you need to optimize the P/C/F ratio that speaks about proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. 

As for the eating routine, you need to consume at least six meals per day with proper intervals in between. For the people who cannot manage six meals a day, eating extra during breakfast, lunch, and dinner will suffice. Still, you can plan out the meals in advance because you always have the weekend to make and store food. 

For instance, you can make potato and chicken salad, stir fry, pasta bowls, beef stew, chili, and Mexican chicken because they can be easily stored through refrigeration and freezing. If that’s not possible, you can opt for weight gain shakes because all you need is water and protein powder and shake to drink. Well, these protein shakes are usually complete diets with proper nutritional facts

Water Matters


Nature has multiple glories to offer, and water is one of them. It is pretty wise to say that water is a natural supplement that tends to optimize bodily functions. Usually, bodybuilders don’t understand the need for proper hydration. That’s because you need to be adequately hydrated before hitting the gym. In some cases, a hardcore workout with improper hydration is the call for death. 

water bottle in hand during exercise


If you aren’t sure about dehydration, you can understand it through headaches, fatigue, dark urine, appetite loss. Drinking the right amount of water is pretty easy because all you need to do is take the water bottle with you and keep sipping all day long. Also, if you are consuming supplements with creatine ingredients, you need to increase water consumption. 


Usually, gaining weight is perceived as an easy and straightforward task to achieve, but it comes with many issues. For instance, one needs to be consistent with diet and workout patterns (along with progressive changes after some time) to ensure the goal achievement. Also, you have got to be mindful of proper sleep and the consumption of adequate water.

The bottom line is that you need to stay motivated irrespective of the dark patches because believe us, you can get through them. So, have you ever experienced such an inability to gain positive muscle mass?


Bio: Tomas Nemel is an enthusiastic copywriter who has been involved in sports since his father taught him to love it in childhood. He has got a strong background in fitness that he would like to share with the world. Thomas’ goal is to inspire others to engage in healthy living.



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