How to get fitness job in new Zealand from India

As an Indian guy, I am also dreaming to work in New Zealand, because of its cultural beauty and easy living. I am planning to work in NZ for 10 years but due to my …

How to get fitness job in new Zealand from India
As an Indian guy, I am also dreaming to work in New Zealand, because of its cultural beauty and easy living. I am planning to work in NZ for 10 years but due to my blood cancer I am not able to apply for a job there and I am not getting a works visa for a fitness job. But here I want to share my experience and tips for a direct job in NZ from India.

Although getting a work visa for New Zealand is hard these days because of changes in visa rules and regulations. If you apply for a visa on your own I am sure you will not get a working visa, so what are other options to apply for a job there.

There is one best option to seek the help of NZ immigration agents who can help you with all paperwork and make your best profile and resume, work experience and describe you all the things about New Zealand.


how to get a job in new Zealand from India


New Zealand work visa requirements for Indian citizens

The second option apply for a tourist visa for New Zealand, this option costs you money but at least you get all the exposure to NZ cities like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.

once you get the tourist visa in hand and reach your dream destination to live and explore and feel the touch of NZ. Well, you are free to side-seen in NZ if you have extra money and are shopping in NZ. But let me remind you are here to visit an NZ agent lawyer and immigration to know how you can settle in NZ and the work policy and permanent resident visa.

I will give a good example you can do in NZ there a lot of fitness job opportunities in NZ, still they are seeking a fitness trainer in NZ for clubs like snap fitness, anytime fitness, and YMCA clubs, these are top fitness and health clubs in New Zealand.

You just need to prepare your fitness resume and find health clubs that are seeking personal trainer and fitness instructor jobs. you can not work there but you can make experience how an interview is conducted in NZ for fitness jobs.

What questions do they ask you to interview, the interview is conducted every week in NZ and anyone can sit for the interview because no one knows might be company will recruit you and help you with working visas and sponsor you to work in NZ.

The third option You can apply for a job directly from India via email to the health clubs that you are seeking for a fitness job and want to work in NZ.

Here I will share my experience when I apply for the job by sending my resume to clubs via my email address, I got an answer from the club in one week for my job said you have to go through my resume we like your profile and if you are new Zealand we will have an interview with you on this date,

my reply to them was that I am from India and want to work in this beautiful country can you provide us working visa, reply from the health club no we don’t provide work visas and but whenever you land in our country let us know we will have an interview with you, this is really very positive mail from NZ health club.

Eligibility to work in NZ

Every country has its own terms and condition, for New Zealand, there is a different qualification framework for the fitness industry.
If you are a beginner you need level 2 reps certification to work as a fitness instructor job in NZ. After 1 year of experience, you can go for level 3 personal training certification to work as a personal trainer in NZ.

Courses in New Zealand for international students:


  • Level 1 basic study of fitness for learning only
  • Level 2 study of fitness with practice training
  • Level 3 personal training certification
  • Level 4 advanced fitness trainer certification
  • Level 5 diploma in sports science
  • Level 6 diploma in sports and exercise
  • Level 7 degree three-year degree in exercise science
  • Level 8 postgraduate degree in sports and exercise.
  • Level 9 Ph.D. in sports and exercise.

On the other hand, you need reps certification to work in NZ level 2 and level 3 is good to work three, as an Indian you don’t have Indian reps certification, although Indian reps certification are valid in NZ you don’t get a job in NZ from this certification, you must study fitness certification from NZ if you planning to work on NZ.

Because it’s better to take Certification from there it will help you understand the fitness industry of New Zealand and the pros and cons of working in New Zealand.

The average salary fitness trainer in New Zealand

The average basic salary of a fitness trainer in New Zealand is 2000 NZ dollars depending on the health clubs and your experience in the fitness industry.

I know guys some Indian guys who work in Australia and New Zealand getting handsome salaries because of their work quality and ability to make good personal training clients and work for 12 hours a day to earn hard money.

In NZ salary depend on working hours if you work for 8 hours a day and your hourly pay is 12 hour a dollar then your basic monthly salary is around 1800 to 2200 dollars.

Cost of living in New Zealand per month

Well, its really a tough question it depends on the city and where you are living in the apartment and a 2 to 3 bedroom sharing flat but one thing I will assure you, you must pay the rent of  150 per Week to 200 dollars per week depending on the city and where you are living.

My final words 


New Zealand is a great country to live and explore and has good opportunities for fitness jobs because it’s a country of green and beautiful sightseeing and beaches where people do their regularly exercise and always looking for fitness guys who help to fit them more.
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