Complete guide-How to become a nutritionist in India?

To become a nutritionist in India, you must have at least three years of a degree. If you want to make a career entirely in nutrition, you will have to study for 3 years of food …

To become a nutritionist in India, you must have at least three years of a degree. If you want to make a career entirely in nutrition, you will have to study for 3 years of food and nutrition only then you can become a Perfect Nutritionist.
Apart from this, the more you read about nutrition, you will know about it. Friends, if you want to take a degree in nutrition within India, we will tell you about the best colleges of food and nutrition courses, where you can take a degree and start your career in nutrition.
So there are a lot of colleges inside India that offer degrees in nutrition. Even the certificate is also available to you. You should know which is the best college in which you can take a degree in Nutrition and take certificates in nutrition.



How to become a nutritionist in India,salary of nutritionist in India


Well, there are lot of nutrition colleges in India, which are providing degrees and online degree in nutrition, and some colleges also even provide fake degree in nutrition,

so it is very important to choose which college is the best.


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How to become a nutritionist in India?


The above video will also be of great help to you. How to become a sports Nutritionist, And which are the best colleges in India that provide degree and diplomas in nutrition:

Top colleges in India for nutrition degree and diplomas:

  • Institute of sports science and technology (Pune)
  • National Institute of Nutrition
  • Exercise science academy India
  • Institute of fitness and nutrition sciences
  • k11 sports nutrition certificate
  • VLCC Dietitian Course
  • Ace nutrition certification
  • Acsm nutrition certification
  • The Ncsf sports nutrition certificate is one of my favorites
  • Nasm nutrition
  • Nsca nutrition certification
  • Ignou nutrition course

How to become a registered dietitian in India

For registered dietitian online courses, a student must have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and complete an internship program approved by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).
He or she must clear the national Registration Examination for Dietitians administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration to pursue a career as a dietitian and nutritionist.

Registered dietitian correspondence course

Some schools and colleges offer online dietitian degrees and bachelor’s degree programs in dietetics that allow students to complete an online course while fulfilling internship requirements at a nearby facility.
Often called coordinated dietetics programs, these academic offerings typically feature coursework that mirrors that of on-campus programs.

Some colleges provide registered dietitian courses-

  • Indira Gandhi national open university
  • Ignou nutrition course
  • National Institute of nutrition courses
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I forgot to tell you, also there are two parts of nutrition.

  • Clinical nutrition 
  • Basic nutrition.
Inside Clinical Nutrition Nutrition, the people who will be providing you are those who are suffering from any clinical disease or someone has a problem of  eating disorder.
And about basic nutrition, you will provide nutrition council to healthy adults only with minor clinical conditions such as diabetes and thyroid, and PCOS.

Salary of a nutritionist in India


Now, friends, we talk about what is the salary of a nutritionist in India:

If I talk about the basic salary of a dietitian in India, then it would start with a very low salary for beginners who are just starting their career in nutrition.
If you are working as a nutrition counselor in India then Your minimum salary is 10000, and the maximum salary you get in 20000 per month. Which depends on the location and city and clubs and hospital you are working with.


On the other hand, if you work with clubs you can get incentives per diet plan on the condition of how many club members you can convert for nutrition councils and supplement your sale for the health club.

Here I will give you one example suppose you council one club member for 1000 rupees per diet chart, you will get an incentive of 300 rs on 1000 rs and the remaining amount of 700 rs will go to the club.

Moreover in Hospitals, your basic salary is fine and there is no pressure to work there.

You have to work 8 to 10 hours in the hospital, which is a normal working hour for a job.

You get all kinds of patients in the hospital, lungs Illness Eating Disorders Meet on Diabetic Thyroid and Cancer Patients If you want to do work in a hospital as a nutritionist, let me tell you that your startup basic salary will be 20000 to 30000 rupees and besides you will also get intensives on patients per diet plan.

How to become a clinical nutritionist 

To become a clinical nutritionist you need to have a very good clinical practice, after that you can work in the hospital, and for this you must attend clinical nutrition Workshop Attend and weight management and obesity workshops, You can also work in organizations such as NGOs, Small Hospitals and health clubs,

Moreover, you attend American colleges of sports and clinical nutrition courses and nutrition courses and clinical dietetics workshops by governments.

you can start with a basic online clinical nutrition course with exercise science academy,, where you can learn about all exercise science academy online lectures and attend online classes of nutrition courses and course length is only three months.
The exam is conducted by exercise science academy websites and you will get password and username after when you log in for the courses and pay the fees of ESA India online courses.


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