How to get fitness job in Singapore as a personal trainer

Singapore is a great place to work and settle, and has good career opportunities to Work as a personal trainer and fitness trainer, floor manager and gym manager and assistant manager fitness sales counselor if …

Singapore is a great place to work and settle, and has good career opportunities to Work as a personal trainer and fitness trainer, floor manager and gym manager and assistant manager fitness sales counselor if you are working as a personal trainer in Singapore your basic salary would be 2000 Singapore dollar plus incentive on personal training sessions

which depend how many client you have converted in PT sessions, on the other hand, they have widely accepted USA fitness certification like ACSM certified personal trainer and ace personal trainer and ISSA CPT  Trainer and NCSF CPT and Cooper institute CPT certification are good examples which they accepted when you join the fitness and health clubs there.

Before starting to get a job in the fitness industry you must know the basic knowledge of anatomy and nutrition and exercise physiology and how to make workout cards for personal training clients and how to help them to achieve their fitness goal and know about basic injury rehabilitation.

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Moreover, start your fitness journey with basic fitness trainer certification and CPR certification. If you are planning to prepare directly for American Council on Exercise CPT exam and American college of sports medicine certified personal trainer exam Certification then don’t get me wrong you will get fail in the first attempt if you do not study well and don’t have a background in exercise science.


Before going for the ace and ACSM exam start with some basic certification like Guru Mann fitness certification and GFFI fitness academy pt which is reps and level 1 fitness certificate to understand the fundamentals of sports and exercise science.


List of fitness certification for fitness job in Singapore

American college of sports medicine:


USA establishes founded in 1954 USA based college NCCA accredited fitness education provider over 65 countries and set exercise guidelines for fitness certification and research-based exercise nutrition and CPT exam provider. 

American college of sports medicine courses and personal trainer courses and nutrition courses


Courses offered by ACSM organization
  • Certified personal trainer CPT 4 months course.
  • Acsm nutrition and weight management specialist from exercise science academy.
  • Acsm sports nutrition specialists.
  • Acsm clinical cancer exercise specialist.
  • Acsm registered exercise physiologist.
  • Acsm group exercise trainer certification.

American council on exercise


Personal training courses by ace ,ace cpt exam and course details,Fitness courses offered by american council on exercise usa,sports nutrition,health and lifestyle ace coach

ACE USA based fitness education provider with more than 70000 fitness professionals worldwide founded in 1985 with headquarters in Santiago, to give research base fitness education to make lifestyle healthy.

In 2003, the American Council on Exercise was granted accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies for all four of its primary certification programs:
  • Ace certified personal trainer four-month course.
  • Ace health and lifestyle couch 4 months course.
  • Ace medical exercise specialist certification doctors and clinical exercise science degree holders.
  • Ace group fitness instructor certification.
Some more Additional certifications provide by ace strength and conditioning coach and ace nutrition and weight management certification.

The International Sports Sciences Association

(ISSA) is the world leader in fitness education and delivers comprehensive, cognitive and practical distance education for fitness professionals, Founded in 1988 by Dr. Sal Arria and Dr. Frederick Hatfield, the ISSA now offers 12 fitness certifications, as well as an associate’s degree, and has certified over 200,000 trainers in 91 countries.

Issa fitness organization for personal training and nutrition and sports nutrition courses


The ISSA organization accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The Accrediting Commission is:


  • Listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency.
  • Recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).
  • ISSA is accredited by IHRSA – International health club racquet and sports club association, The IHRSA is an exchange affiliation serving the worldwide well-being club and wellness industry. The mission of IHRSA is to develop, ensure and advance the well being and wellness industry, and to give its individuals benefits that will enable them to be more fruitful. The IHRSA is committed to making the world more beneficial through customary exercise and movement advancement.
  • ISSA Is EREPS Registered -The European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) is an independent enroll of educators, mentors, and instructors working in the European well-being, wellness and physical action division, EREPS perceives the capabilities and aptitudes of activity experts and is a vital affirmation for general society and businesses that their teacher or representative holds the proper capabilities to play out their job securely and successfully.
Issa offered 12 fitness certification courses include associate degree in sports science and exercise science. 
  • ISSA certified personal trainer
  • ISSA bodybuilding certification
  • Certified nutrition specialist
  • Corrective exercise specialist
  • Exercise therapy certification
  • Strength and conditioning certification
  • Group exercise certification
  • Sports Nutrition course
  • Associate two-year degree in  Exercise Science

National Council on Strength & fitness


(NCSF) is a worldwide part decided relationship of movement specialists headquartered in Coral Gables, FL? The NCSF Board for accreditation oversees the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) authorized credentialing tasks and advertisers in light of a legitimate concern for movement specialists around the world.


NCSF certified personal trainer courses and sport nutrition courses and strength coach


Accreditation of NCSF:


The National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF) Certified Personal Trainer Credential has been reviewed and received accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the accrediting board for the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.


The National Council on Strength and Fitness is an establishing individual from the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals.

CREP has made the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals (US-REPS), every one of whom has been reviewed by a uniform standard to accommodate enhanced buyer wellbeing and certainty while employing an activity proficient. All NCSF ensured experts are incorporated into the vault, alongside the affirmed experts of the other part associations

Courses offered by National Council On strength And Fitness:


Certified personal trainer 

The NCSF benefits Recognized throughout the fitness industry as the Premium personal trainer certification for career-minded professionals, Our Commitment to ensures the NCSF-CPT credential positions you for success in today’s competitive job market.

Sports nutrition specialist

Regardless of whether you are hoping to help your customers to get in shape, upgrade athletic execution, or advance well being through demonstrated healthful methodologies, acquiring the NCSF Sport Nutrition Certification puts your insight at the highest point of the wellness business.

Certified strength coach program

Regardless of whether you work with youngsters, warier athletes, and sports competitors and sportsperson, the Certified Strength Coach (CSC) program will enable you to build up the information and aptitudes to viably improve human execution. Perceived by secondary school, high school, and expert college associations and also well-being clubs the CSC accreditation is broadly certified by the highest standard in the business.

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