30 days healthy diet chart for quick weight loss

As you all know Indian diet is considered to be the most difficult diet to follow in terms of weight loss and fat loss, but do you know a simple Indian diet with daal chapati …

As you all know Indian diet is considered to be the most difficult diet to follow in terms of weight loss and fat loss, but do you know a simple Indian diet with daal chapati can help you in fat loss. I have seen a lot of people and especially housewives who are struggling to weight loss and follow different dieting patterns like intermediate fasting, keto diet, general motor diet, extreme low carbs diet. it may help you to lose weight but not in a healthy way, a healthy weight loss should be shed 1 kg fat every week.

Second thing I have seen in gym people are not doing there exercises properly, they are talking to someone in between exercise sessions and or watching girls and do other stuff, not every individual is joining gym for the purpose of weight loss and fat loss, some join for spending their time in gym and looking for business client and other activities, some join for short period of time.

Moreover, intensity is matter when you are doing your exercise for example if you are doing cardio activity for 15 minutes only you will not get all benefits of cardio exercise because you don’t know that cardio session start after 15 minutes when you body start burning fat and deliver oxygen-rich blood and proper supply of nutrition to your body, when next time you do any cardio activity, do at least 1 hour for best results.

Third thing as a dietitian I have seen my clients not follow the diet plans  I have recommended them, they said they don’t have the time for meals and they are busy in meetings, they choose only simple foods like bread and butter and upma, daal chapati that is easy to serve and ready to eat meals, I understand Indian lifestyle is not healthy in anyways because of daal Bhati churma parties and drinks parties and late-night heavy dinners.

Moreover, the biggest problem with People that they are vegetarians and they ask me I want to start bodybuilding and make me high protein diet plan for muscle building, now the question is how I can make high protein diet plan for them with pure vegetarians who are not taking any signal eggs and meat products When I ask them to start whey protein supplements if your goal is only muscle building.

For Beginners muscle builders who have been workout with weight for 1-2 month, I will be putting them on whey protein supplements and suggest them regularly exercise at least 3 months after that I will increase the protein requirement, this the simple strategy once you make load on muscle and learn all the techniques of weight lifting, I will start with basic supplement such as whey protein and casein protein and BCAA , etc.

These supplements are considered safe in terms of muscle repair and stamina and boost confidence while lifting heavyweights.

Now I will come to the point do you know if your requirement is 1800 calories per day your total energy expenditure and you are eating more than your total energy expenditure your intake is 2200 calories per day, it means you are eating 400 calories more than your total daily calories intake. You will definitely gain weight and fat.

Just simple trick can solve the daily intake when you workout for 1 hour daily approx 400 calories you burn from exercise and your dietitian cut 200 calories from total energy expenditure which is 1600 daily calories and 400 calories you burn from the workout. So approx. 600 calories you burn daily which is perfect for weight loss.


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Low carbs diet and high protein 1500 calorie Non-Veg nutrition plan for healthy weight loss?


  • Carbs-39%
  • Protein-21%
  • Fats-20%

The healthy quickest way to weight loss diet plan:


  • Wake up 7 am in the morning
  • Meal early morning-one cup of green coffee+1 table  spoon flex seeds
  • Meal-breakfast-oats bran serving 80gm+2 whole egg boiled+non fat milk 200 ml +ALA one capsule
  • Mid-meal-one cup of green coffee+4 walnuts +10 almonds
  • Meal afternoon-Brown rice 60gm+chicken breast 150gm +green vegetable any +green leafy salad 80gm+Greek yogurt 100gm +1 capsule glutamine
  • Meal-Evening-pre workout – one cup green coffee+1 banana medium Note– (take green coffee before 5 minutes of workout and half an hour before of exercise)
  • Workout at the gym  do for only 1 hour to 1.5 hour only with good intensity levels and cardio.
  • Meal-post workout-2 whole egg boiled +3 eggs white boiled / whey scoop serving 30gm with water + glucose 1 table spoon
  • Meal dinner-tuna fish/chicken breast 100gm-150gm with brown rice 50gm+vegetable salad or option kidney beans boiled 100gm +5 eggs white boiled +1 whole egg boiled +green vegetable salad


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