The Ultimate Guide How To Get Bigger Arms At Home

Exercising for bigger arms is easy and worthwhile, it’s not just about your appearance, It has to do with maintaining strength as you age. In anatomy, the area referred to as the arm is located …

Exercising for bigger arms is easy and worthwhile, it’s not just about your appearance, It has to do with maintaining strength as you age. In anatomy, the area referred to as the arm is located between the shoulder and elbow and the area between the elbow and the wrist is the forearm.

A portion of the large deltoid muscle extends into the arm.  The biceps and triceps are located below the deltoids; biceps in front, triceps in back.  The muscles of the forearm include the flexors and extensors responsible for hand strength.

Dumbbell workouts can be used to strengthen all of the muscles of the arm, the muscle being used typically depends on how the exercise is performed.

How to get bigger arms at home

How to get bigger arms at home with dumbbells


Choosing the appropriate Dumbbells weight is the first step for any kind of exercise, working out with 60% of your max weight will build and strengthen muscles. Your max weight is the amount you can use to perform the movement correctly one time. At 60% of that, you should be able to perform 8-12 repetitions. When 12 reps become easy to do, it is time to increase the weight slightly.

Curls are the basic exercise used to strengthen the biceps, to develop bigger arms, you should do curls every other day. You can build muscle by working out every day, but the process is slower so scheduling in recovery time provides faster results.

On the off days, you can work another body part, the legs for example. To perform a curl correctly, your elbows should be at your side and should not move.  With your palm facing upwards and your forearm perpendicular to your arm, you bring the weight in your hand up towards your shoulder.  Changing the position of your hands changes the forearm flexor being used.

Performing a variety of different dumbbells movements ensures that all of the muscles are being exercised and helps prevent boredom; Hand grippers can be used to strengthen the forearms.


Bench presses or pushups work the deltoids, biceps, triceps, and flexors of the forearm.  The position of the grip changes the muscles being used during a bench press.  A close-grip bench press works both the biceps and the triceps.  A wide-grip works primarily the biceps.  Both movements will help you get bigger arms.

Dumbbell flies work the deltoids and help widen your shoulders.  Flies are performed with a straight elbow.  The weights are lifted out to the sides of your body.

The most ineffective arm exercises include behind the head military presses and lat pulldowns.  You are more likely to get strained muscles than bigger arms trying to perform those movements.  Remember that performing the movement correctly is what’s most important.

Three exercises you must at home to get bigger arms

Pull-ups Or Chin-Ups at home 
Pull-ups are an incredible upper body exercise and most people think of this as a back exercise but in reality, the Pull-up uses every muscle from your fingertips to your abs. Because you must squeeze the bar tightly, this will recruit all the muscles of the arm including the forearms, biceps, and triceps.
This type of movement creates a greater amount of muscle fiber recruitment which will in term get you bigger arms:). I would aim to do 3 to 5 sets of 6-8 reps of pull-ups or Chin-ups first in your workout.
Close Grip Bench Press at home 
Now after your Pull-ups the next best arm muscle-building exercise is the close grip bench press. Now I am sure you have done the bench press before but if you narrow your grip it puts a lot of stress on your triceps and being that it is a multi-joint exercise you are again recruiting a large amount of muscle fiber.
Don’t over-complicate this exercise and just do the bench press with a narrow grip, do 3 to 4 sets of 10 reps of this exercise after your pull-ups. you can also try this exercise at home with close grip triceps pushdown.
Dips at home 
The last exercise in your get bigger arms workout is the good old bodyweight dip, This is a basic compound exercise that is another multi-joint compound exercise that recruits a ton of muscle fiber.
To do this exercise just find a dip bar in your local gym start with your arms locked out and go just past 90 degrees with your elbows and return to the top. Aim to do 3 sets of 10 of these to finish off your arm workout.

Some more ways to build bigger arms

  • You are never going to have big arms if you are obese. No matter how many biceps and triceps curls you perform. To build muscles, enhance your overall muscle mass by getting stronger first and eating good food.
  • Eat for every 3 hours and never skip any meal of the day as breakfast, lunch, and dinner with post-workout snacks are more important.
  • Drink a gallon of milk in a day to get more energy to lift weights.
  • Increase your squats and deadlifts for every rep.
  • Take rest as much as you can is muscles showing response when proper rest is taken. Try to give your muscles a short break and check the strong lifts that allow you to take plenty of rest.
  • Try to weigh yourself and your progress. With the use of a fat caliper, track your body fat and measure your arms twice in a week to maintain training sessions in a week.
  • Try to avoid curls as increasing deadlift and squats will build your muscles in a better and faster way than biceps and triceps curls and extensions.
  • Get stronger and have more calorie food.
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