What are the Benefits Of Squats Exercise?

The squat is a very misunderstood exercise.  Sure, people love the arm and shoulder and chest exercises, the ones that build up those showy upper body muscles.  But there’s a reason serious fitness athletes and …

The squat is a very misunderstood exercise.  Sure, people love the arm and shoulder and chest exercises, the ones that build up those showy upper body muscles.  But there’s a reason serious fitness athletes and bodybuilders understand the benefits of squats exercise and make them the centerpiece of their fitness routine.
You can play around doing light biceps curls or shoulder presses, but only the people who are serious about fitness and do squats.


Benefits Of Squats Exercise-It's Not as Difficult as You Think

The very thing that makes squats the King of all exercises is what drives many people away from it: no other exercise requires as much effort, not even full-body pull-ups.  This is because squatting involves using your entire body weight over more distance and this requires more effort.  Your legs are longer than your arms and when you squat with weights or other resistance, you are adding that to your body weight.  This is exactly what creates the benefits of squats.

Moreover squats help to increase your lung capacity and stamina and help to increase your body testosterone levels and build muscles naturally in men and women.

Benefits of Squats Exercise:

You work out to build muscle, gain cardiovascular benefits, burn body fat and get stronger.  While the showy upper body muscles get a lot of attention, the fact is the muscles of your upper and lower legs and your behind account for most of your body’s musculature.

When you add up the muscles of your arms, chest, shoulders, and back, that’s only 40% of your musculature.  60% is found in the lower body!  So working out your lower body’s muscle mass is actually the QUICKEST way to get in shape.

The more muscle mass you’ve built up and worked out thoroughly, the more calories you’ll burn even at rest.  Of course, the ideal workout is for both your upper and lower body, but many people stick with the easier upper body stuff and neglect the lower body because ‘that’s too much work’.

But if they do that they are short-changing themselves.  A good, thorough lower body workout that includes plenty of squats will get you in better shape faster than a routine that focused only on your upper body.  You burn more calories, build more muscle mass and get more use out of the new strength.

Benefits of squats on your cardiovascular systems 

One thing is sure squatting improves your cardiovascular fitness much faster than an upper-body exercise would.

The effort of lowering yourself and then raising back up requires you to breathe very deeply, as the muscular exertion automatically calls for you to use much more oxygen.  No other weight exercise will get you breathing as heavily and have as much cardiovascular benefit.

Secondly, we USE our legs way more than our arms.  How many times during an average day are you called on to exert your upper body musculature?  But you’ll use your LEGS and FEET every single day.  So those big bulging biceps might LOOK awesome, but strong LEG muscles are much more PRACTICAL for you to have.

If your legs get tired during the day, an effective exercise routine implementing a lot of squats is just what the doctor ordered.

Many people can be found giving testimony on the internet about how tired they used to be before working out and getting stronger and fitter.  Getting through the day used to be such a struggle, but after they strengthened their lower body with squats and other exercises, they had more strength and energy and it showed in their daily routine.

Squats exercise help you deal with stress and anxiety problems and increase your daily energy expenditure

Your body goes through an amount of stress every day as you do your job and everyday chores.  If your energy level is low, if you get tired easily, if simply climbing a single flight of stairs has you out of breath and wanting to sit down, you definitely could benefit from squats.

Regular exercise increases energy levels.  That sounds contradictory when you first hear it, that all that effort and sweating in the gym or at home doing exercises is going to give you MORE energy.  “I’m already tired all the time!” people think.  “What is huffing and puffing in a gym going to do but tire me out even more!?”

The best way to think about exercising is INCREASING YOUR STRESS RESISTANCE.  Picture a world-class athlete like a soccer player.  Soccer is a sport that uses the legs to a vast degree.  To become a top soccer player in the top leagues, you have to have an incredible amount of leg strength and stamina as well as a high degree of cardiovascular fitness.

Put a regular guy out there in a big-league soccer game, the guy would be huffing and puffing after 1 minute of trying to run around and keep up.  Yet those players out there can make it seem effortless.

That’s because they have spent years building up their RESISTANCE to the stress that would make an ordinary person collapse out there.

Now you’re not playing big-league soccer, but there’s no doubt you can benefit from increasing your ability to resist the stress of your day and reach the end of every day still feeling great and full of energy by doing squats two times a week.

Well, NOTHING builds leg strength, and therefore overall body energy like squats.  Developing leg strength and stamina will make walking around and standing during the day much easier.  Activity on your feet that used to tire you out will now be no problem at all because you’ll have a much bigger ‘energy reservoir to draw from.

Think of your energy level every day like a battery.  Aging, stress, excess body fat and other factors as the years go by can cause your battery to shrink.  What used to be easy is now getting harder and harder.

Every workout you have where you are using squats to build leg strength and stamina makes that battery get BIGGER.  You can not only get your energy level back to where it was years ago, but you can also even surpass that old energy level.

And squats can help you get there.  Strong thigh muscles, calves and glutes exercise will enable you to race through your day where before you were barely shuffling through it.

So if you haven’t been making time to work out, or have been skipping squats, you should really reconsider.  Now that you know the benefits of squats, you know why they absolutely need to be the foundation of any REAL exercise routine.

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