Keto diet meal plan for weight loss

You all have heard about the ketogenic diet (ketosis) for fat loss reduction and the question put in your mind what is keto diet how it works in your in body and in fat reduction. …

You all have heard about the ketogenic diet (ketosis) for fat loss reduction and the question put in your mind what is keto diet how it works in your in body and in fat reduction.

Do you know that your body produces glucose, amino acids and ketones, when you do aerobic activity the energy pathway process is carbs protein fats and your body uses these three fuels as an energy source during cardio activity, same in ketosis when you eat only fat and your body needs the energy to survive and this is the simple science your body starts using fat as an energy source and make ketones in your body.

ketosis diet meal plan for fat loss-indian ketogenic foods and diet plan


Two types of keto diets:


  • Vegan keto diet
  • Non vegan ketogenic diet


Difference between both the ketones diet, vegan only eats vegetables curd and paneer and high-fat butter and peanut butter and cheese is the main source of protein for vegans green leafy Vegetables and milk products and dairy, but most of the vegetarian is lack of protein if you are lack of protein in your keto diet you can shift to whey protein nutrition supplement. In non-vegan, you will get both protein and fats in good amounts sources include red meat, chicken, turkey, fishes, whole eggs, brown eggs, cottage cheese.

My final words whichever keto diet you follow for fat loss reduction the main principle of how you can apply the carbs protein and fat percentage and how to make your proper keto diet plan and workout plan for best results.


Just keep in mind the ratio of macro nutrients carbohydrates protein fats are the following:


  • Carbs-5%
  • Fats-70%
  • Protein-20%


Before starting ketogenic diet understand the keto program carefully and read all the terms and condition for keto diet because if you jump to keto diet you may have feel some side effects like nausea, feel depressed and anxiety and low blood glucose levels etc.

Caution don’t take keto diet if you have sleep problems and getting any psychiatrist treatment for bipolar disorder and manic depression, always tell your doctor and before starting any diet and program for weight loss.

Here is Keto diet meal plan 1400-1500 cal for weight loss:

  • Meal-Morning one cup of green coffee +15 almonds+5-8 walnut.
  • Meal-Breakfast–butter 30 gm  5 whole egg scrambled +1 cucumber large.
  • Meal- Lunch-100-150 gm piece of paneer+curd 200 gm +4 whole egg boiled +1 cucumber large+sprouted beans 35 gm-40 gm.
  • Meal Evening -one cup of green coffee+15-20 almonds.
  • Meal-Pre-workout-one scoop of whey protein before 1.5 hour of exercise.
  • Workout time-7:00 am–to 8:00 am.
  • Meal post-workout-whey scoop 30 gm with water.
  • Meal- dinner has 150 gm piece of paneer cook with butter 30 gm+1 whole Egg scrambled and added all green leafy vegetables.

Note-have vegetables include with every meal. Drink at least 5 liters of water including a good multivitamin like centrum and do some workout with the combination of strength and cardio and functional activity for fast results.

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